The Importance of Paternity: How Establishing Legal Fatherhood Can Protect Your Rights

How Establishing Legal Fatherhood Can Protect Your Rights

A mother may need to seek a court order establishing her child’s father before she can ask the courts to award custody, parenting time or child support. Without this step, a father is not entitled to these rights and can be denied visitation and other forms of relationship with his children.

Many women who are unmarried have a desire to ensure that their child has a father and will receive financial and emotional support from him, especially when the child is young. This can be accomplished by pursuing a paternity action through the help of a Miami attorney.

Often, mothers will seek to establish paternity in order to get access to their child’s health insurance policy, or for other financial benefits such as Social Security benefits and pension or retirement benefits. In addition, mothers may be eligible to apply for TANF or Medicaid as a result of this process.

How a Child’s Identity Can Be Protected Through Establishing Legal Fatherhood

One of the most important advantages that can come from establishing legal fatherhood is that it gives children an extra sense of identity. They can feel a sense of belonging and attachment to their parents, which can help them feel more secure and happy in their lives. Moreover, it can help them learn about their cultural heritage and their heritage’s customs.

It can also make it easier for them to receive information from their fathers about their medical conditions or insurance plans, and about other important aspects of their life, such as inheritance rights if they pass away.

A parent can also request that the State Department of Health or the Bureau of Vital Statistics verify the name and address of a biological father. Using these services is often free of charge.

This is why it is so crucial for unmarried parents to take advantage of the legal processes available to establish their child’s fatherhood. While this process may be expensive and time-consuming, the results of a paternity case can have a positive impact on both a child and their parents.

Once a man is named the child’s father through an Order of Filiation or Acknowledgment of Paternity, he will be legally responsible for his child’s expenses, and may have legal rights to parenting and/or custody/visitation with that child.

If a man is served with a petition asking the court to name him as a child’s father, it is critical for him to respond promptly by submitting an Answer and requesting Genetic Testing to determine if he is the child’s biological father. Failing to do so could lead to the judge deciding that he is not the child’s father and issue a default judgment against him, which will result in an obligation for him to pay child support.

A Miami fathers right lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal system to pursue a legal paternity action and obtain a number of beneficial outcomes for you and your family. For more details visit

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